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 Posted: Jul 9 2014, 10:30 AM

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the rules

read these carefully

please read over all the rules before registering your character. we also ask that you check over the member list to make sure that you're not using any first or last name that is already in use. if you do, this will result in your application being pended. register your characters first and last name in all proper casing letters. DO NOT register with an OCC name, that is for staff reserved only, if we see that, your account will automatically be deleted.

as of right now, we do not have any ratio rules. however, if we see that things are getting out of balance, then we will have to put up some temporary bans. as far as characters, your first two characters are basically free. after that, we require each account to one active thread before you are able to create a third. it is the same for your forth, fifth, sixth, etc. we are all about character development on this site and while we understand how fun it is to create characters (being that we are character whores ourselves), we want to see people actually using the characters they have.

Just because you registered the name of a canon it doesnt mean that the canon is already yours. So, when registering, reserve the canon. It'll be reserved for 7 days, not a day more, not a day less. If for whatever reason, you need more time to make the application, please contact me or else at the 8th day, your account will be deleted and canon reopened.

we ask that everyone be respectful of others and to avoid any drama. if you have any issues with anyone on the site at all, please come to me (Emissary=Heathyr), Nemeton (Jennifer) and we will try to fix the situation. if we notice that you're causing drama, we will give you a warning and if it happens again, we will ban you from the site. we just want SWTWMC to be a fun, stress free environment where we're able to write and meet new people.

we ask that all graphics be aesthetically appealing and the right size. our avatar size is 250x400 and the gif size is 400x200 (but gifs from tumblr gifsets work). if you need help with any images (avatars, gifs, application images, etc) please check out our requests forum. also, we ask that when using codes that you use ones that are appealing and do not stretch the board. if at any time we notice that there is something wrong with the code, we will more than likely go in to fix it.

We have templates fit for the site so they would not stretch the skin, because lets face it, it doesn't really look good if that happens. So, please head HERE and choose any that you might like when it comes to posting a thread.

we ask that members maintain being active on the site, as we are strongly against hoarding faces. if you know you're not going to be around, then please put up an absence note. absences are good for two weeks and two weeks only, if you need to extend your absence, you may do it for one week and only extend it once. the reasoning behind this is that we want people to be using the faces that they have and if you go three weeks without being around, then it's only fair that you allow someone who can be active to have the face that you are using. we will be doing activity checks at least once a month in order to keep things updated. IF POSSIBLE, UNLESS HAVING AN AWAY NOTICE, YOU'LL HAVE TO POST AT LEASE ONCE A WEEK IN EVERY THREAD YOU HAVE. there is the posibility of you maybe not being able to do that. we get it, just let your fellow rp thread partner about it 'cause lets face it, it is not that geat having to wait more than a week for a post. this causes angst and drama and fighting so please, lets avoid it. thank you.

▲ Word Count & Rate.
be sure to always keep the ratio in mind when making a new character, don't make all chicks, at least one male for every two females please! we have an easy application here; make sure you fill it out completely before you post it! Once your accepted be sure to claim your characters face or it's still up for grabs. We don't have a word count! We are a rapid fire site, which means 100-150 words per post is enough, though if you want to stretch, its fine by us. it isn't a lot and we are a literate site so grammar counts! Quality over quantity too, we'd rather you write a 200-word reply of stuff to work with than a 1000 word reply with one word to work off of. Oh, by the way, this site is RATED R this being said you MUST be 18 years old or more to join this site due to mature content so, keep that in mind before joining, okay?

while we dont push relationships on anyone, at the same time we want to let those interested on playing Stiles or Derek know that if you ship Sterek, that will NOT be allowed here, if the charater isnt gay in the show; he or she wont be homosexual in this site just 'cause you like the ship. Jeff Davis said Stiles might be bisexual but that Derek ISN'T gay. All I want for this site is TO KEEP A CHARACTER AS TRUE TO THE WAY JEFF DAVIS WROTE/THINK THEM. The Malia/Kira lesbian moment was only said to be something of the moment and that would not repeat, Holland Roden said so on an interview. This site is VERY LGBT+ friendly, allow Sterek or Malia/Kira is like saying Lydia is a lesbian when we know that is NOT true. For those who this rule offends then abstract yourself from comment about it, please. Just move on, let it go because I have just explained my reasons. Don't judge me for my reasons of having forbidden Sterek if as a person you don't know me. Thank you.

these rules are subject to change at any time. the job of enforcing these rules lies strictly with the staff, if you see anyone breaking the rules, please don't take things into your own hands, just pm a staff member and things will be dealt with.

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